CEO’s Message  

Mother Tongue has successfully completed 14 years of operations.

Our significant achievements during the last fourteen years have helped us build an organization and Mother Tongue has become a preferred partner to client organizations.

This has become possible only with the cooperation and teamwork of all our linguistic associates, and constant support and encouragement from our valued customers.

Mother Tongue has grown and matured with every successful project delivered. The challenges and hurdles we have faced over the years have helped us to streamline and build strong processes.

Mother Tongue has emerged as a strong and stable organization that our clients can entrust on without any risk. In fact, our client list has grown, and most importantly we have retained each and every client that we have served so far. These achievements have given Mother Tongue the strength to surge ahead into a promising future.

I have always believed in teamwork. Together, we can take Mother Tongue and customer satisfaction to higher levels.
With this good stability of first 14 years, we can now forge ahead for the next 5 years by establishing a very strong footprint of Mother Tongue in India and other parts of world.

Let us work towards our goals by consistently delivering innovative and superior products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers. 


Chandan Kumar Singh
Ritu Singh

Mr.Chandan Kumar Singh
Mrs.Ritu Singh
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