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As we all can imagine, language is very pervasive in all global business and that is the reason we believe "language is our business."

Businesses have become more sensitized to the fact that there are a lot of different cultures and "if you want to engage with them effectively, you need to speak their languages."

Although the IT companies are high-tech in origin, they still rely on human translators-either in-house or as contractors. That's because computer translation technologies have not improved to the point of providing consistent, high-quality translations.

"They are not there yet, and many times they do not replace a human native language translator."

Courtesy, efficiency, accuracy and a sincere desire to satisfy clients are the key standards by which we would like to be measure

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Mother Tongue has successfully completed 14 years of operations.

Our significant achievements during the last fourteen years have helped us build an organization and Mother Tongue

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