About Mother Tongue  

Mother Tongue, a pioneer in localization and market facilitation services in India, provides multilingual translation to adapt your brochures, documents, website, multimedia presentations and software into any language or culture in the world at very impressive tariff. Mother Tongue was established in 2005. "

Our staffs consists of professionals and domain specialists including content developers, native in-country language specialists, subject experts, project managers, engineers and technical staff who ensure compliance to project requirements.

Today Mother Tongue employs translators across the globe to provide cost effective, accurate and native translation solutions for companies in almost all industry verticals.

Our Mission ...

Mother Tongue, we strive to deliver Value, Excellence and Caring to the language community as a whole and thus support the greater goal of facilitating communication among members of the global community.


Mother Tongue has successfully completed 14 years of operations.

Our significant achievements during the last fourteen years have helped us build an organization and Mother Tongue

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